Meet Qubes – flexible offices with a short-term lease

Meet Qubes – flexible offices with a short-term lease

Strip your business of space restrictions and gain flexibility instead: adjust, customise and share. Flexible offices “Qubes” embodies a state-of-the-art mix of services with short term leases on the real estate market. What does it have to offer?

With the shifts on the labour market enhanced by the recent epidemic, more and more companies have started to allocate their work to freelancers or small teams that usually work separately from the rest of the company.

To keep their endeavoring spirit alive, many times they opt for co-working spaces. If the team grows in number, staying in co-working spaces might be limiting. With the next step comes flexible shared offices that encourage expressing company identity and allow for space adjustment.

Office space adjustment

Each company is a different story. Businesses vary in structure, specialisation and needs. While some teams can be collaborative and chatty, others need to stay more focused and individualised. Proper planning of the workspace is crucial for their productivity.

At Qubes, we realise the workspace needs to be agile to successfully meet the needs of the people in the company. Thus, our space planner is at hand, to consult what shapes the office should take and how to maximise the usage efficiency.

In Qubes, each company has the opportunity to customise their offices:

  • Put aside the fear from the changes that the future brings – Qubes let you adjust the size of the office. Based on the number of people working in your team, the structure can be adjusted in a blink of an eye with moveable and flexible furniture. The office can be adjusted by adding or removing other units.
  • Change design by adding or removing features based on company culture and preferences. Is your team full of gamers? Make a gaming dungeon for them to relax and unwind. Do you have a strong sales team with their ears fixed on the phone every day? Make sure there are enough phone booths for them.
  • On the top of that, Qubes allows for individual office branding, to foster company culture and values.

Short-term lease

Companies struggle to forecast their size beyond two years. However, the market generally offers five-year contracts without break options. We wanted to keep it sweet and short, so we’ve come up with a unique short-term lease offer: clear and simple contracts with a 6 months’ notice period.

Shared office amenities

A productive work environment means that depending on the nature of the task, people have the autonomy to choose from different environments that support their work.

Our shared offices present an array of workspaces, shared among companies: kitchenettes, meeting rooms, admin desks or dropped sitting dotted across corridors.

The aim is to create multipurpose spaces that offer many uses: most companies lack dedicated spaces for frequent and informal meetings, phone calls and one-to-ones.  All of these can be sustained by one space with one extra purpose: a dining area. If designed with this multipurpose character in mind, it can become a hub of different activities that take place during different times of the day.

To sum it up, the intrinsic characteristic of Qubes lies within its flexibility. It underlies its core belief and business: to be an agile workspace. As the companies are created by people, they somewhat become a living organism. And a living organism needs an agile environment to strive.

We can offer a lot more. Let’s discuss your new branded office together

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